Kolé Tonics are the first innovation of new beverage Company, Kolé Life Foods. Each Kolé Tonic is carefully crafted with scientifically-backed ingredients to provide an inspired functional benefit. Doctor Bankole Johnson, an award-winning neuroscientist and founder of the Company, formulated each Tonic with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and herbal ingredients, added loads of great taste (but no calories) – making Kolé Tonics the future of function.  Read More


Kolé provides health and wellness oriented individuals an ideal solution for “On-the-Go” (OTG) demand. Kolé is a premium quality energy and wellness tonic formulated for health-conscious men and women. It’s delicious taste, efficacious nutrient delivery, and healthy attributes make Kolé supplements the perfect functional alternative for those seeking more than just caffeine and sugar.  Find out more


Kolé Inspire is designed to support alertness, focus, healthy memory and brain performance, energy, and nutrient replenishments to help prevent hangovers. Ignite is formulated to support healthy libido and our Happy blend is designed to promote a positive mood, tranquility, bliss, and a sense of well-being among healthy people. Dreams, our tropical blend, is formulated to promote restful sleep and pleasant dreams.  Full product range


Scientifically formulated to contain the right balance and types of nutrients to promote healthy functional effect. Even though some of the products have overlapping nutrients, the difference in functionality is delivered through the balance or ratio with the other ingredients.  Click here to discover our ingredients

Thiamine is essential for the healthy functioning of the nervous system. Riboflavin is an essential nutrient required for numerous cellular processes including the balance of monoamines in the brain. Niacin helps manage blood flow to the brain.

Vitamin B-12 & B-6 can help to metabolize energy Biotin, a vital part of a healthy metabolism, might have a detoxifying effect and may help to combat lethargy.

Magnesium may help to “calm the nerves.” It is estimated that less than 30% of Americans consume the Recommended Daily Allowance of magnesium in their diet

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Every story has a beginning, a concept, a bold focus of thought that lays the foundation of what is to come. Some stories are profound in concept, whilst others, seemingly simple build upon what is known, and put it together in a new and different way to surprise, astound, and provide a new path upon which to build further understandings.

My own journey into the world of dietary supplements that may help promote healthy functioning of certain functions of the brain is a strange and curious one. Some of you might have read that this story began when I was teased by my wife to produce a tonic that might have potential to promote healthy brain function. But the story actually starts even earlier.

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