Interview: Kolé Tonics paving the way for ‘the future of functional’
Kolé Tonics, created by beverage brand Kolé Life Foods, is one of the latest functional beverages to launch on the market. Currently available to purchase online, Kolé Tonics claims to be the “future of functional” and promises to provide its consumers with “greater benefits” and a more enjoyable drinking experience. We spoke with neuroscientist and founder of the company Dr Bankole Johnson about the new range and what makes Kolé Tonics different.

Maryland professor unveils line of brain-boosting beverages
At your local grocery store, you’ll see an assortment of energy and sport drinks, caffeinated beverages and various juices. In other words, drinks that promise to improve physical performance in one way or another. But what if there was a drink that could scientifically enhance your brain’s performance?

Beyond Beverages: The Newest Drinks Promise to Do More Than Just Quench Your Thirst
There are plenty of options out there when it comes to liquid refreshment. But while it doesn’t take anything more complicated than plain old tap water to keep you hydrated, the newest beverages aren’t content to stop there.

Baltimore-based Kole Life Foods is launching a beverage line designed to improve brain function
A recent article in the Baltimore Sun describes how a neuropsychiatrist is launching a Baltimore beverage company called Kole Life Foods that makes drinks that are designed to improve energy and wellness.

Kolé functional drink promises cognitive performance improvement
A brain scientist was challenged by his wife to create a functional drink that benefits the brain. Fast forward two years, the scientist is ready to launch his Kolé Food Life brand with four beverages.

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